Viral video of toddler dancing to lullaby is giving us life


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedAug 28, 2020

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What do you think your toddler gets up to once you turn off the lights and leave the room?

We’ve all seen videos online of babies getting up to mischief, but one mother dissolved into fits of laughter after finding her 11-month-old daughter dancing in her cot instead of going to sleep.

Chané Milner-Joseph, 27, who lives in London, said she had a regular bedtime routine for her 11-month-old daughter, Chyla Rae, including a gentle lullaby, the Daily Mail reported.

But Milner-Joseph was aghast when she discovered Chyla Rae standing up at the side of her cot, dancing to the bedtime song.

Instead of getting angry and reprimanding her little girl, she filmed the scene and posted it to her Twitter account.

Standing upright, Chyla Rae can be seen shaking her bootie as the lullaby plays in the background.

And it’s the most adorable thing. Twitter seemed to think the same; her post went viral with 1.9 views and more than 160K likes.

“I lay Chyla in her cot, ready for bed and put on lullabies which I do every night, but one day she decided to get up and start dancing,” Milner-Joseph told the Daily Mail.

A future in dancing could be on the cards for Chyla Rae, as her mother said the toddler dances all the time. “When she’s eating, when I brush my teeth, if she hears a packet rustling, to her toys or any melodic sound,” she said.

“I wasn’t surprised she dances a lot; she is such a happy little baby with such a big personality and character,” added Milner-Joseph.


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