The secret behind Ayanda Thabetha’s banging body


By Viwe Ndongeni-Ntlebi Time of article publishedSep 1, 2020

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Ayanda Thabethe is one of the most successful young women in this industry. The actress, model, television show host, and entrepreneur is one of the most admired figures in the country today.

Although she wears many hats, Thabethe still manages to put aside some time to make sure her body is taken care of – and the results speak for themselves.

The star has been sharing her fitness journey on social media.

While most people have been struggling to stick to their exercise routines and make healthy eating choices during a winter in lockdown, TV personality Ayanda Thabethe is making working on her body the number one priority.

Here’s how she has been keeping healthy and fit.


While many people have been baking and cooking comfort food, the star also included salads on her lockdown menu. “Salads are also part of the lockdown food group you know,’’ she captioned her meal on Instagram.

She also shared her go-to juice with ingredients that include celery, cucumber, kiwi fruit (when in season) apples, kale, water and ice.


The star also believes that drinking lemon water first thing in the morning helps with digestion.

“Drinking warm water first thing in the morning with ½ a lemon, can help flush out the digestion system and rehydrate the body. During the night, your body has been in rest mode and, most likely, you haven’t had anything to eat or drink for several hours,” said Thabethe.


As soon as the government gave gyms the green light to open, Thabethe was ready to go sweat. Her training includes boxing and high-intensity training.

Remember, small steps still get you to the destination, so pace yourself. Compete with yourself.


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