Now that Artem Chigvintsev is back at work, Nikki Bella is looking after their newborn on her own


By Bang Showbiz Time of article publishedSep 3, 2020

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Nikki Bella has “no help” with her son now her fiancé is back to work.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are unable to travel or visit others as much, which has meant that the ‘Bella Twins’ star hasn’t got much help with her newborn son Matteo as Artem Chigvintsev has now returned to work as a professional dancer on ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

Speaking on The Bellas Podcast, she said: “Artem is on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and that has left me alone with Matteo and because of Covid, I don’t have any help. It’s just me. I am getting a little help from my sister and [her husband] Daniel. They’ve been amazing.”

Nikki previously revealed she has been up all night with her son.

Artem said: “What’s sleep? Do people really sleep? I really feel bad for Nicole, because he’s a really good eater. So he’s been on it.”

And whilst Nikki is focused on feeds, 33-year-old Artem has perfected the art of soothing his son whenever he cries.

Explaining what he does to calm the tot, the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ dancer added: “I grab him in my hands, do a little foxtrot around the room and he’s just sound asleep afterwards.”

Despite the lack of sleep the couple are getting, Artem says they couldn’t be happier as first time parents.

He shared: “It has been the most incredible feeling and Nicole and I are just obsessed. I just didn’t know that I could have so much love to give. It’s just incredible … He literally owns us.”

The wrestler previously insisted she wasn’t going to have children until her 40s – but her whole world “changed” when she got pregnant.

She said: “I mean, I wasn’t planning on getting pregnant now. I thought when Artem and I got engaged we’d get married a few years down the road, then babies. I was thinking maybe early 40s.

“There was still so much I wanted to do, then it came into my life and, you know, I’m going to adjust and still work on my goals after he comes. Like, my world’s changed. This is the focus.”


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