At 1.2m tall, 46-year-old man lands dream job as male stripper


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedSep 8, 2020

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Aussie native Shane Belgre has the women swooning over him.

But that wasn’t always the case. At 4ft 2in (about 1.2m), he found it difficult to bag a date, never mind attracting female attention.

Now at the age of 46, Belgre’s ripped physique and new job as a male stripper have the ladies going crazy over him.

“It was hard for me to date girls in my 20s because people are more superficial at that age and they’re more bothered about looks and height and that sort of thing,“ Belgre told British tabloid The Daily Star.

Life as a stripper has opened many doors for him. “I spend my life getting invited to parties. I can do four or five venues on a Saturday night and these are private parties a lot of the time, sometimes they are birthday parties for girls or hen dos,“ added Belgre.

According to him, women with fetishes are some of his biggest clients. And because of his dwarfism, he’s never short on gigs.

Belgre makes up to £160 (about R3 500) for half an hour doing a strip tease.

“Occasionally I’ll get asked to go on a night out with the lads and just drink with them and party,” he said.

But Belgre has his limits and knows where to draw the line: “I’ve had countless opportunities with women but I’ve got my professional limits.”

Belgre might be small in stature, but that’s exactly how he likes it. “I’ve had girls who have dwarf fetishes and I’ve had brides that, even though they’re getting married weeks later, want to have sex with me, but I would never cross a professional boundary,“ he said.


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