The dos and don’ts of washing your face


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedSep 9, 2020

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Your face is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Cleansing your skin twice a day should be part of any man’s grooming routine.

There are still some men who think facial grooming is just shaving, washing and moisturising, but that’s not all. Fino Cosmetics shared these tips on caring for your face.


∎ Use lukewarm water. Warm water is very effective for lifting dirt from the skin, but if the water is too hot it could lead to dehydration. Hot water strips the skin of its natural oil barrier.

∎ Rinse thoroughly. Any soapy residue will clog pores and lead to dryness.

∎ Wash your face in the shower if possible. The steam from the warm water will help open the pores, allowing your face wash to thoroughly do its job.

∎ Invest in a good face wash (NOT a body wash) free from harsh chemicals and soap.


∎ Reuse dirty facecloths. It may be irritating to pop your face cloth in the wash after every use, but reusing the same cloth over and over can spread bacteria, undoing all the good you accomplish by cleansing.

∎ Dry your face with a used shower towel. We have micro-organisms all over our bodies and even after a shower, some bacteria may remain. Using the same towel to dry your body and face could spread your body’s bacteria to your face, leading to breakouts.

∎ Wash and dry vigorously. Pulling and tugging at the skin contributes to the loss of its natural elasticity. Instead, gently wash in circular motions and pat the skin dry instead of rubbing it.

∎ No matter how oily your skin is, never wash it more than twice a day. Washing more often will impair your skin’s natural oil production, resulting in overcompensation and breakouts.


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