Rock your black hair in 3 different ways


By Thobile Mazibuko Time of article publishedSep 10, 2020

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After a few years of celebrating black hair for its coarseness and thickness, we’ve somehow taken a few steps backwards.

It is because of brands like TRESemmé, which, after launching a Botanique range specifically for afro-natural hair, still discriminate against this unique type.

On an advertisement posted on the Clicks website, TRESemmé labelled afro-natural hair as “dry and damaged” and compared it with blonde-straight hair, which was labelled as “fine and flat”.

That alone caused an uproar on social media, which led to the brand’s products being removed from Clicks, Pick n Pay, Woolrthworths and Game stores.

Some may think that it’s just hair, but for us, hair is a crowning glory. Not only does it represent beauty, it is also of spiritual significance.

In support, we take a look at different ways to wear your natural hair without styling it.

Bongo locks

During the ancient days, bongo locks, African hair that has been crochet together to form big, thick locks (usually four per head) were what was called Limyra Mezar steli. Some may think that locks are “exotic and strange” but this type of hair is the best because it needs no combing, you wash, moisturise and crotchet/twist it now and then.

Some may think that locks are “exotic and strange” but this type of hair is the best. Picture: Tumi Wadinepe.


Stubborn as it is, this is one of the most beautiful hairstyles. It stands tall like a tree and absorbs water like soil. However, this type of hair can be difficult and expensive to maintain, but now that we have grooming salons and products that can detangle it, taking care of it has become easy.

Afro hair is so beautiful in its tree-looking like shape. Picture: Tumi Wadinepe.

Short hair

What we now know as short hair is called the Bodi tribe cut. This short, uncombed style is originally from The Bodi (Me’en), a tribe, rather shy, found in the Miss Bichai, Hana village, South Ethiopia.

Uncombed short hair is called the Bodi tribe cut. Picture: Tumi Wadinepe.

The most beautiful thing about the black hair is that you don’t have to comb it. You can either curl it or twist it and it will still look good regardless.


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