When it comes to sex, does size really matter?


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedSep 11, 2020

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By Lizzy Bliss

I love being the “open-minded” girlfriend in the group. I own an online sex shop and I’ve travelled the world. So, naturally, I am the sounding board for all things relationship, sex or “taboo” related.

It affords me the opportunity to listen to all the comments, complaints and secrets you wouldn’t usually hear. One of the most frequent topics of discussion is the size issue; more importantly, the “does size matter?” conversation. And more often than not, as one of my friends puts it, “you know what, a big d*** isn’t all it’s cracked up to be”.

Unsurprisingly, she’s spot-on. I’ve had my fair share of relationships, and I made it my mission early on in life (in my more promiscuous days) to be sure that my men were long and strong.

But, surprisingly enough, the most satisfying sexual partner I ever had was slightly below average-sized. Believe that.

To be fair, he was sexually adventurous, open-minded and caring, which undoubtedly played a role in our relationship. But if I have to judge the sex on his size alone, he went a long way to dispel the “big member myth”.

If you just read that and thought “Pfft, girl please” then this article is just what you need and was written with you in mind.

Because I have confirmation from many sources (and then some) that confirm that although it’s popular to say a man needs to be big to satisfy you sexually, he honestly doesn’t need to be.

In our previous articles, we mentioned that on average, 75% of women struggle to reach vaginal orgasms (orgasms originating strictly from vaginal penetration). So, if you don’t climax from penetration alone, why do you need a big member to begin with?

Fact: A woman’s most intense vaginal nerve endings are within the first 5 to 7cm of the vagina. According to studies around the world, less than 20% of men are larger than 15cm in length when erect. And for the gents who are 18cm or more? Only a staggering 3% percent of men around the world fall into that category.

So, next time you hear a man bragging about what he’s packing, call his bluff or silently think to yourself “I seriously doubt it”. Ask yourself if he actually measured to know what his size is, and how does he know what is considered big or not?

Why I mention this is, just as men can think they are “huge” without knowing if it’s honestly the case, a woman can assume her partner is huge, or that he should be. But you could be way off.

It’s a known fact that men are more concerned about size than women. But women don’t need a big penis to be sexually satisfied, period.

What you should ask yourself is, what do you need to enjoy sex with a man? Is oral sex your thing? Foreplay or role-playing? Romance? What do you really desire? Then consider if you need a HUGE man to fulfil your needs.

The bottom line is simple – if size truly matters to you, I get it. But don’t make it such a big thing in your mind that you programme yourself to think that if the man isn’t huge you won’t be pleased.

Because physiologically it’s not true. Just like women don’t need big breasts or a huge clitoris to satisfy a man sexually, the same applies to men and penis size.

What you hear about size is most certainly a myth, don’t rob yourself of good sex because of a preconceived idea or mindset.

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