You can have sex parties but no dancing at weddings allowed, says Queensland


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedSep 10, 2020

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WE HAVE seen some pretty weird Covid-19 protocols coming out of the pandemic. For example, one Canadian state recommended that for safer sex, couples consider using glory holes.

But wedding guests in Queensland, Australia, have been up in arms over its Covid-19 restrictions.

According to, sex parties are allowed but dancing at weddings is banned under Queensland’s restrictions.

“We have had so many bookings cancelled because of the dancing rules,” wedding entertainer Nik Edser told the news outlet.

“The irony is, if I was invited to a wedding this weekend to attend with my wife and I wanted to dance with her there, then I wouldn’t be allowed to,” he added.

“But if we decided to go to a sex club and swap partners with some people who we don’t know where they’re from or who they really are, that’s okay.”

Queensland’s Covid Safe Industry Plan for Sex on Premises Venues and Adult Parties considers events such as weddings as “high risk”.

The plan covers:

  • swingers/sex clubs or planned sex-parties
  • adult shops with additional spaces or offerings
  • cruise clubs or spa and sauna venues

In the meantime, Miami, in the US, has approved lap dancing as the entertainment industry opens back up. The US city’s deputy mayor/budget director, Jennifer Moon, said the dancers must suit up accordingly, as in wear proper personal protective equipment such as a mask or facial shield as well as gloves. Clients must also wear masks.

The guidelines for a lap dance are the same as those applied to getting a massage, said Moon.

In June, Miami-Dade mayor Carlos Gimenez announced massage parlours, as well as gyms, tattoo parlours and dance studios could reopen after months of a coronavirus shutdown.


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