Talk dirty to me but never ask ’are you done yet’


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedSep 14, 2020

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Despite experts warning people to abstain from getting intimate during the global coronavirus pandemic, there has been a noted surge in sex during the current climate.

People’s sexual habits have also changed. So to get a better understanding of how exactly, adult lifestyle website Vivastreet surveyed nearly 2 000 Brits to find out their top sex sound turn-ons and turn-offs in the bedroom.

According to the results, the Brits are a bunch of moaners, with survey findings revealing 34 percent of women, and 33 percent of men like to hear moaning sounds during intimacy.

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The findings come after Mzansi Twitter last week discussed why SA men are silent during sex.

Radio host Thabo Mokwele asked: “What do you prefer in bed, vocal or silent sex? Why are (most) men silent during sex? And why is English the default language in bed?” Asking very important questions, Mokwele needed answers.”

One user, @LindyNtsoko, suggested that moaning during a moment of passion makes things sexier.

Another said that men are scared they’ll call out the wrong name so they choose to remain silent.

The consensus mostly seemed to be that they prefer it that way in case they said something during a moment of pleasure that they would later regret.

And according to the top three sex sounds for Brits, silence is off the table. They prefer:

  • Moaning – (33%) for men and (34%) for women
  • Talking dirty – (23%) for men and (22%) for women
  • Heavy breathing – (16%) for men and (19%) for women

Apparently, staying quiet was ranked as their top turn off, with 28 percent of men and 20 percent of women saying it was their least favourite noise between the sheets.

For men, the worst thing they could hear during or after sex was “are you done yet?”; “is that it?” or “what’s the time?”

The British could be onto something as far as moaning is concerned. “Deeper sounds vibrate lower in the body (both for the person making the sound and for the person hearing it) and thus can connect with and enhance our physical arousal,” said certified somatic sex educator Becky Price.

And when it comes to talking dirty, it’s all about connection, believes Price. “The more connected you feel during sex, the more loved, comfortable and safe you feel with your partner, which can lead to a greater bond,” she added.


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