This TikTok ab workout prank is just too close for comfort


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedSep 15, 2020

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The ab workout prank is just another one of those mostly harmless, but really funny pranks to play on your significant other. If you’re comfortable enough together, it could have hilarious results.

Unlike other TikTok fitness challenges, this one does not require any fitness. There are no sets or reps do complete, it’s just a fun prank.

In the challenge you ask your partner to help you with a new ab exercise or yoga pose and, when you are both in position, you hit them repeatedly with your butt instead. It’s impossible not to laugh when you do this challenge. Springbok captain Siya Kolisa and wife Rachel Kolisi did it and it was hilarious.

How to do the ab workout prank, according to Distractify, an entertainment portal.

This prank is best done with a significant other or someone else that you’re comfortable getting physically close to. It’s probably not best to attempt this one on someone who you don’t have that sort of connection with.

To set up the prank, tell your significant other that you want to try out a new workout with them. Some have disguised it as an ab workout, while others have said it’s couples yoga. Workout clothes are not required, but might be recommended if you have a suspicious partner.

To set up the prank, have your significant other sit up with their legs stretched out in front of them. Get into a plank position, placing your ankles on their shoulders. This position should look a lot like some couples yoga positions, if you need some reference.

If you’re positioned right, your butt should be level with their head; this is crucial to the prank, so don’t feel awkward about it.


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