Toddler makes a mess of things but her response is golden


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedSep 16, 2020

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The internet has fallen in love with a cute toddler who made a mess in the room and defeated her mom with her response.

Her mother, Qhama Nokwali posted a video on Twitter of the ordeal and captioned it: “On the next episode of have kids it will be fun. Jooh guys. The response kills me though.”

In the video, the mother is heard asking the adorable little girl why she made the mess? The girl confidently answers in gibberish to try and defend her actions.

When tweeps asked her mother to translate what her daughter said, Nokwali answered: “Lol I don’t know what she’s saying either, but she’s trying to justify herself.”

Many social media users came to the toddler’s defence, saying that no cutie could ever be capable of doing such a thing, even though all evidence pointed at her.

One user posed a question in defence of the girl: “Qhama, but it was not her. Can’t u hear her denying everything?”

Another said: “I feel like her explanation checks out, leave this beautiful princess alone and find the person who really did this.”

While another one commended the girl for attempting to defend herself: “This girl smart fighting her case even with all evidence pointing to her. Kids 1, parents 0, they are really special no wonder moms are referred to as superhuman because wow.”

It seems like tweeps have made the final verdict, the cutie is not guilty.

“No way those innocent eyes committed such a horrendous thing, Mommy. Please apologise to her for accusing her and find the perpetrator that did this,” said one Twitter follower.

Watch the funny video below:


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