’I melt when I look at that little face’


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedSep 28, 2020

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Television personality and radio host Pearl Modiadie recently shared news of the birth of her first child on social media.

Modiadia says her first few days as a new mommy have been going well, and she gives credit to her sisters and baby daddy who have been by her side taking care of the baby and her.

“I’m learning…some days have been better than others, but my goodness… having my baby in my arms is an indescribable feeling. I melt when I look at that little face,” she tweeted.

Modiadie has kept her pregnancy a secret. Not even one picture of her with a baby bump was seen on social media.

But after the birth, the star has been tweeting mommy moments with her fans. “I’m breastfeeding so the boob needs to be available 24/7. Haven’t started pumping yet. I’m also a little too attached to have baby sleep with them. see-no-evil monkey Lol! Baby steps ok,” she shared.

One follower shared some advice on sleep: Remember to sleep when she does so you can rest.

The star’s reply: “that’s definitely what I’m trying to do. Just woke up now at midday…and will probably sleep all day. We had our first crazy night that was so overwhelming it almost ended in tears.”

However, one thing that she was not ready to share was her baby’s name. When asked by her fans what her child’s name is? Modiadie told them that she is not ready to share her baby’s name and instead suggested her fans come up with an online name in the meantime.

Modiadie is not the only celebrity mom who has chosen to not reveal her child’s name; actress Linda Mtoba has not revealed her daughter’s real name online. Instead she is known by her nickname Bean online.

“Not sharing her name has an element of privacy to it. People can see her face, yes, but they can never be able to call her name in public because they don’t know it. I feel that protects her in some way because she won’t always be with me. Also, not revealing her name distinguishes whether a person knows Bean on a personal level or not,” she shared with Bona magazine.


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