Ella Eyre wants to end the stigma around female masturbation


By Bang Showbiz Time of article publishedSep 30, 2020

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Ella Eyre wants women to feel “confident enough to explore themselves” sexually.

The 26-year-old singer has said she wants to end the stigma around masturbation, especially when it comes to women, as she thinks getting people to explore their own bodies will help them discover “what it is that they like” in the bedroom.

She said: “In my opinion, I think masturbation is a bit of a taboo among young people, so how are we supposed to know what we want, and how are we going to get there and climax when we’re not even sure ourselves … so there’s less women having orgasms because they don’t feel confident enough to explore themselves, explore what it is that they like, and what it’s going to take for them to get to that point, so they can tell that guy.

“I think it’s really hard sometimes to explain that you have to be stimulated mentally to get to that place, because it’s not just about being attracted to somebody. If your boyfriend hasn’t been very nice to you that day, you’re not going to be able to come, are you? Like, I don’t even wanna do this.”

The ‘Came Here For Love’ hitmaker also wants more people to be honest when they haven’t enjoyed sex with a new partner.

She added: “I’m really into the idea of [talking about it during] the first time now, because I just think ‘Let’s not waste any more time’.

“I think, if anything, if you allow it to get to the second time, they may think that the first time was great. I think we should be encouraging men and women to be asking at the end ‘how was that for you’ because I can’t think how many times I’ve been asked that from the other side.”

Ella even said she wouldn’t join the women who fake orgasms, as she wants her partner to know how to improve.

Speaking as the new host of celebrity content series ‘The Truth Flirts’ by dating app Badoo, she explained:“I feel like there’s a fear around being honest about it, because, as I grew up, if you fancied a boy, but you weren’t quite sure if that was good, or you didn’t really know, you didn’t want to talk about it out of fear they wouldn’t fancy you anymore and wouldn’t want to do it anymore.

“I think as I’ve got older, actually the more I’ve spoken about it, the more receptive guys have been, because they want to know, they want to learn, not all of them (and they should), but most of them really want to make sure that you’re having a good time, and I think that’s a really sexy quality in a man when they show interest in your enjoyment too.”


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