Siv Ngesi opens up on sister losing a baby during childbirth


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedOct 6, 2020

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Opening up and speaking out on miscarriages and infertility have remained taboo in many cultures.

Women suffer in silence and are not able to share their painful journey, however, South African celebrities have worked hard to change the narrative behind the traumatic ordeal.

TV personality and DJ, Lerato Kganyago, singer Mshoza and actress Bridget Masinga, are among celebrities who have opened up about their journeys of losing a child.

Recently, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s traumatic miscarriage brought up emotions and even prompted men to speak on the topic, including TV personality, Siv Ngesi.

According to the actor, his sister had been through a similar experience years ago, which also resulted in the death of her child. He explained that she had lost her baby during child birth, and found it hard to open up about her loss for many days.

He tweeted, “My sister lost her child during childbirth a few years ago, I have never seen such pain! Little one came out looking just like her! My sister never spoke for days!”.

One follower replied to Ngesi with his own experience: “My wife and I lost our princess on Saturday morning due to delayed delivery as the baby was already 4.5kg. Seeing her before the burial was heartbreaking and really sad indeed as she looked like me.”

Another follower asked Ngesi how his sister was coping, and shared that she has days where she goes limp and it’s difficult. Ngesi replied saying, “she has no choice but to keep going, she has two other kids who need her.


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