You can name Australian Reptile Park’s cute new kangaroo joey


By Travel Reporter Time of article publishedOct 6, 2020

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The Australian Reptile Park is encouraging its fans to name a new kangaroo joey who was recently spotted at the park.

The yet to be named joey’s gender remains a mystery, but the park has called for name suggestions.

The joey is a part of the Australian Reptile Park’s Kangaroo Island kangaroo family which visitors to the Park are able to interact with and hand-feed them. This hands-on experience with an Aussie icon is often a highlight for guests.

Over the coming months, the joey will start to hop about and will eventually welcome visitors to feed or even take a selfie with them!

A recently captured video shows the gorgeous new kangaroo joey pops its head out of its mother’s pouch for the first time and opened its eyes.

“The tiny bundle of joy still is yet to grow its fur but was eager to take its first look at the big wide outside world of the Australian Reptile Park.

” Although small, the joey has already stolen the hearts of keepers and visitors at the Australian Reptile Park. The joey is becoming more confident each day and is poking his head out of the pouch more and more, curiously watching on as its mum eats her food and hops around the park. The joey’s mother is Ollie the kangaroo – a very friendly (and cheeky) resident at the Park who loves trying to sneak into visitors picnic baskets,” the park shared in a statement.

Australian Reptile Park Director Tim Faulkner said it was always exciting to hear about new additions to the park.

” As we get further into spring, we’re expecting to see more and more joeys poking their heads out of the pouches!”

“It’s only a matter of time now before the joey makes the big leap of faith and takes its first hops,” he said.

The Australian Reptile Park is located in the natural bush setting of the Central Coast of New South Wales. The Park is currently open and welcomes visitors from 9am – 5pm, with complimentary parking and BBQ facilities.


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