Puppy play is a thing and this woman makes up to R160K a month pretending to be a dog


We’ve heard about foot fetishes and couples acting like babies, but since the inception of content subscription service OnlyFans, content creators are doing the weirdest things to get fans to subscribe.

Introducing Puppy Girl Jenna who makes up to $10 000 (about R166 000) a month on OnlyFans by making videos of herself playing fetch, begging for food and being taken on long walkies.

For those wondering who would want to watch a 21-year-old woman from Texas acting like a puppy? Apparently, it’s thousands.

She’s gained quite the following on social media with most of her videos going viral as soon as she posts anything related to “fetch”, “stay” or “catch”.

“In one TikTok video, Puppy Girl Jenna cheekily begs for food under the table at a cafe before her owner feeds her a scrap of meat. In another, she’s told off for peeing on the floor and is locked in her cage as a punishment,” writes Vice’s Clair Hubble.

“It’s insane,” Jenna told Hubble. “I never thought my weird dog kink would be looked at by a broad audience, or that so many people would like or care about it. It still blows my mind.”

According to those in the know, puppy play is a fetish rooted in BDSM.

Jenna’s version appears to be more on the vanilla side. In one video she is seen being held on a leash and given water in a dog bowl in a busy mall.

In another she is playfully jumping on her “pet parent’s” bed.

On why she chose puppy play, Jenna said: “I love the feeling of being owned.

“I feel protected and loved. I’m at my most comfortable during puppy play.”


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