Mzansi’s latest sex confessions thread shows men aren’t afraid to admit defeat in the bedroom


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedOct 8, 2020

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If the latest trending hashtag is anything to go by, it proves that South Africa is a nation that proudly lets its freak flag fly, and that men aren’t afraid to admit defeat when it comes to the bedroom.

Always one to encourage healthy debate, local broadcaster and Kaya FM host Thabo Mokwele took a different approach on social media this week when he asked his more than 290K Twitter followers about winning a sex match.

Directing his question at both genders, Mokwele asked: “So ladies, have you ever won a sex match? You served it so well that he threw in the towel, you knocked him out?

“Gents, what did she do to you that earned her the #TheSexKOQueen title, even when it was just that one event?”

Soon #TheSexKOQueen started trending with the thread turning into a type of confessional as tweeps took the opportunity to lay it all out there.

The funniest response we found was from Skhindi’Sabesuthu who was finished before his holiday even started: “An ex of mine & I took a bet that on our way to our dbn holiday we were gonna have quickies at every bridge we feel safe we can stop at & I tapped out before even getting to Harrismith. Mind u she was drinking wine & I was sober coz we were driving naked since it was at night.”

One tweep even broke up with his bae because he couldn’t keep up with her.

Another ghosted his one-night-stand.

But the most impressive were the ladies with their boss moves.


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