Had sex with your room-mate during lockdown? Don’t feel bad, you’re not the only one


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedOct 14, 2020

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As many countries went into lockdown, it meant entertainment and socialising was at an all-time low.

No dinner with friends, no bar hopping, and definitely no casual hookups with Tinder dates.

For some, the call to abstain from casual sex during the pandemic took on a somewhat sombre tone. Others found a workaround by coming up with a plan B.

That plan B was having sex with someone they were in close proximity with for the entire lockdown.

A survey from Match.com has confirmed what many of us have been wondering about our friends with roomies.

According to the study, a significant number of people started having sex with their room-mates during the lockdown, mbgrelationships reported.

Although the study surveyed singles in the US, we’re guessing it’s become a global trend.

The findings suggested that nearly one in four single people had sex with a non-romantic room-mate in the past six months.

Younger people were the most willing to cross the line, with 33% of millennials and 46% of Gen Z getting into bed with a roomie, the study found.

“It didn’t surprise me at all,” Helen Fisher, PhD, Match’s chief scientific adviser who led the study, told mbg.

“During the lockdown they were forced to spend a lot of time together, dine together, play games, watch TV and mourn their losses together. This ‘self-disclosure’ leads to intimacy,” Fisher explained.

“And with little else to do, they eventually begin to find their room-mates attractive, funny, kind, and comfortable in new ways. This can easily lead to kissing, cuddling, and more – to relieve stress, entertain themselves, and explore this readily available option: hooking up.”


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