Shampoo and conditioner bars give plastic the boot


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedOct 15, 2020

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Two young South Africans, Stephanie Fuchs and Robert Blonski, have set their sights on ridding the modern bathroom of single-use plastic to minimise the catastrophic impact this material has on the planet

Be.bare haircare bars was born out of a desire to empower people to make greener, more ethically minded choices in their daily personal care regimes.

The founders are firm believers in the idea that business should be a force for good in society, and particularly that companies should be conscious of and accountable for the full life cycle of the products and packaging they put out into the world.

Holding themselves to high environmental standards hasn’t made their journey easy, but they definitely believe it’s worth it.

Compared to bottled products, be.bare’s solid shampoos and conditioners also make the ideal travelling partners. They are lighter and you won’t have bothersome liquid restrictions to worry about when you fly.

The range is 100% plastic-free, made without water, vegan and cruelty-free.

Their range of shampoos are packed with natural ingredients to gently cleanse and care for your hair. The quick-foaming bars create a rich and creamy lather scented with organic essential oils.

The conditioner bars boast detangling superpowers that will soften and smooth even the most damaged, dry and knotted hair within seconds, leaving your locks beautifully silky, nourished and manageable without weighing them down.


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