‘Blood & Water’s Ryle De Morny shares 5 tips to get you summer body ready


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedOct 18, 2020

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Not only is he the fitness guru on Mzansi’s feel-good breakfast show, “Expresso”, but actor Ryle De Morny, well known for his role in local Netflix series “Blood & Water”, is also a Lifesaving World Champion and holds the title of “The Fastest Man On Sand” after winning two gold medals at the world championships for beach sprinting.

Every morning, De Morny wakes viewers with a healthy dose of exercise, but if you’re only a beginner, these exercises may seem daunting.

So De Morny has some tips to get you moving so you can reach your summer body goals in no time!

1 Define your goals and know your ’why’

Before you even begin to start your fitness journey, ask yourself why you are embarking on this change of lifestyle. “This can be anything from looking better, feeling healthier, having the ability to just play outdoors with your kids, or maybe it’s to make the cover of a fitness magazine,” De Morny says.

“This is the time for you to create your vision board. There will be testing times ahead and you will be challenged, but you will conquer everything put in front of you if your ’why’ truly is strong enough.”

2 Track your progress

Tracking your progress is an important part of staying motivated and also helps you see just how far you have come. “Its important to measure ourselves before we start our journey,” De Morny says. “This will not only give you your starting point but, more so, allow an accurate ability to track your progress.” De Morny adds that one should not just use the scale to weigh oneself as this isn’t always a true reflection of one’s progress. When training, one’s weight could remain consistent, however, a loss of fat and picking up muscle could be the reason. “Instead, include circumference measurements of your body parts too, such as your arm, chest, waist, thigh and calf, and take some pictures so that you can see in detail what parts of your body are changing and adapting to your training.”

3 Consistency is key

If you’re looking for a quick fix or a short-cut, unfortunately, you’re going to be disappointed. “Your health should be a part of your lifestyle, so start with finding an exercise that you can enjoy. “Any movement is better than none and it’s important to remain consistent when embarking on a fitness journey. So whether it’s dance, yoga, functional training or any other discipline, make sure you enjoy it to the point that it becomes a part of your system rather than a task.”

4 Fuel for purpose

As you progress in your journey you may find that your mood, energy or habits start to change, and with that, your body does too. Your body may also start craving certain foods to replenish and even get stronger. “It’s important to ensure that you are maintaining a good macro balance at the very least in order to fuel your body correctly,” De Morny explains. “You want to have the energy to put the work in and make it count. The correct combination of exercise and training are facets of health that can have truly incredible effects if done correctly. Although it may seem overwhelming, balance in this department can amplify the effects or goals of your training so much more.”

5 Appreciate your blessings

Remember, just being able to start a fitness journey is a blessing in itself and the process is set to be one incredible journey of discovery. “This truly is an opportunity to build up a connection and relationship with your body. No matter what anyone says, you are absolutely beautiful and as your body continues to change, learn to appreciate every little milestone you achieve along the way,” De Morny says. “Listen and seek advice wherever you can and always remember to enjoy every beautiful moment of your new fitness journey. The possibilities are truly endless and by putting in the hard work, incredible results are sure to follow.”

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