Internet is divided after woman lets go of baby to save glass of wine


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedOct 19, 2020

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Context. That’s what this video is all about. And yet, because of the content, it’s divided the internet to such an extent that it’s become a viral hit.

The video in question is a three-second clip of an unnamed woman stopping her glass of champagne from falling instead of saving the baby from taking a tumble.

One can imagine the stir it’s caused on the internet, with many questioning her priorities.

In the video, which was uploaded by Twitter user @RupertMyers with the caption “I have watched this 35 times”, the woman is seen supporting a baby as it leans in to grab a champagne flute. But as the baby grabs the glass and pulls it with some champagne spilling, the woman instinctively reaches for the glass and lets go of the baby.

What the video doesn’t show is what happens to the baby afterwards. Is it injured? Did the woman stop he/she from falling?

And that’s where the confusion comes in.

Online users were quick to react, with some judging the woman harshly.

“Unbelievable that lockdown has sent us mad and we are catching Prosecco before a child, I doubt it was champagne she did not move quick enough,” commented one user.

Another commented: “I would never drink around my grandchildren.”

But there were those who came to the woman’s defence, claiming that she reacted properly by averting the danger of a potential accident with broken glass.

“Actually, broken glass near a baby would have been really dangerous! I’m with the mum,” wrote @juliettas17.

Another noted: “I think she did the right thing. If the glass had fallen and splintered the baby could have been seriously hurt.”


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