Sho Madjozi changes up her braids just in time for school holidays


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedOct 19, 2020

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Every time local rapper Sho Madjozi changes her hairstyle, children run to their parents with a picture of her, saying: “I want this.”

She’s become the biggest influencer for little girls when it comes to braids. In most cases, hair stylists are happy to oblige.

With school holidays around the corner, the “John Cena” rapper has braided her hair in a fun, playful style – something that can be easily replicated by her little fans.

Taking to Twitter, Madjozi shared a video of herself with her new hairstyle.

But there is one catch. It took her three hours to sew in each cowrie shell, she admitted.

This wasn’t lost on Twitter folk. Many parents shared their frustrations with the rapper, saying that their kids would want the same style.

“Sesi our kids are going to nag us hle,” said one mom.

“There’s a war brewing between kids and their parents wanting another Sho Madjozi hairstyle,” mentioned another user.

Other parents totally got the vibe and welcomed the new hairstyle.

“Totally worth it. Summer holiday hairstyle for tweens and teens loading! Us parentals now have to make sure salons stock up on plastic cowrie shells,” commented @mamokete30.

The change in hairstyle could have something to do with Madjozi being one of the headline acts at this year’s Miss SA finals.

This year, the entertainment line-up includes artists who will be performing their new songs for the first time. They include Ami Faku, Jimmy Nevis and Sun El-Musician.


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