How video collaboration is shaping the office of tomorrow


By Paul Furmie, Head of Video Collaboration, Southern Africa at Logitech

When the pandemic struck earlier in the year, thousands of businesses deployed a mass work-from-home approach to keep staff safe. Global companies were no longer able to fly staff to locations overseas for business purposes due to the country’s international travel ban, and it’s still unclear as to when borders will open again.

Employees had to become creative and find ways of getting by however they could, using whatever technology was available in their homes. Months later, and it’s still business as usual. Teams continue to participate in meetings with equipment that’s not necessarily optimised for business use.

While consumer-grade headsets or integrated webcams they’re not always ideal for business use. This equipment is not optimised for video meetings and can present the same limitations as audio and video embedded in laptops.

Businesses need to ensure employees have the right tools for the job, especially considering that the modern workplace is still heavily reliant on collaboration, whether team members are in the office or working from home. Teams still need to talk to each other, share files, screens and ideas, all of which can be challenging while adhering to lockdown Level 2 social distancing regulations.

Businesses can now enhance collaboration in and out of the office

As a global leader in Video Collaboration and Webcams, Logitech is transforming the way teams collaborate, both in and out of the office.

Logitech proposes innovative, beautifully designed video collaboration solutions that are engineered to fit any room, no matter the shape or size. This makes them perfect for teams working from home, in a personal space, or practising social distancing when in the office.

Premium products, like the Webcam Logitech Brio and the ConferenceCam, Rally, produce Ultra HD video that optimises images for more natural light and colour, while USB headsets, like the Logitech Zone Wireless, deliver exceptional noise-cancelling technology and produce sound quality that’s crisp and clear so participants can communicate, collaborate and concentrate.

Creating the ideal collaboration space

From small huddle rooms to large boardrooms, Logitech Video Collaboration solutions, like the Logitech Tap, turn any place into a video collaboration space, enabling participants to walk in and launch their meeting with one-touch. This creates an environment that doesn’t require teams to undergo excessive training – resulting in fewer trouble tickets and more productive video meetings.

Logitech’s VC solutions integrate into popular business video conferencing platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx and others, to provide a consistent collaborative experience. They’re expertly configured for fast deployment and connect effortlessly to any video conferencing cloud service – ensuring hosting and joining a meeting is a pain-free experience for participants.

Providing businesses with the right VC tools for the job

Video Collaboration has grown increasingly pervasive in organisations of every size and type, making it easier than ever to conduct business. The platform is renowned for its distinct advantage over other forms of communication, due to its ability to capture the full spectrum of information, including verbal, written, data and non-verbal cues like facial expressions.

As a trusted brand for headsets, webcams and other peripherals, Logitech’s business-grade VC collaboration solutions offer the latest advancements in technology for a near-effortless video meeting experience in the office or while working from home.

Every day, millions of business users rely on these forward-thinking solutions to work more efficiently. So no matter where team members might be working from, they can be seen and heard while collaborating over video meetings.

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