Mystery plant subscription is happiness in a box


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedOct 21, 2020

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Plant parent Saffron de la Rouviere has taken advantage of South Africa’s new willingness to shop online by turning her plant hobby into a new business.

The first of its kind to launch in SA and something so unique and cool – it’s a monthly mystery plant box subscription from Saffron’s Garden, a business started in 2019 with the purpose of growing a national community of house plant lovers.

Saffron’s Garden Plant Club is a monthly mystery box subscription with hundreds of members all across South Africa.

Members never know what they’ll get in the mystery box that gets delivered to them but they know they’ll love the plant and related gifts because each month’s mystery is lovingly crafted by de la Rouviere.

De la Rouviere herself is completely plant obsessed with over 400 plants covering her entire house and office, and every Friday she dances with her plants to make them happy, and shares the videos with her thousands strong Instagram community to make them happy too.

Her account was started as way for her to share her love for plants. It has since turned into a beautiful community of plant lovers, and the biggest driver of new mystery box members.

“The community of plant lovers across South Africa is so incredible and makes being a plant lover so much better. That I’ve been able to build a business that supports and grows this community is just a dream come true” said de la Rouviere.

“Plants make people happy and everyone loves a surprise which makes the mystery boxes such a great product.”

Studies have shown plants: reduce stress and fatigue; boost concentration, productivity and mood; clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen; and so much more.

With all of these benefits contributing positively to the wellbeing of people, it’s no wonder more people are embracing house plants.

“Having figured out how to safely deliver plants across the country means we can broaden the house plant buying market which in turn means more support for plant growers and all the small businesses that create products for the industry,” she added.

The subscription costs R450 a month, delivered straight to your house or office.

Visit and sign up.


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