Toddler calms crying baby sister within a matter of seconds


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedOct 23, 2020

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Having a newborn baby brings with it lots of challenges, including calming a fussy baby down.

We’ve seen many tricks over the years. From placing baby on a washing machine to playing music mimicking the sounds of the womb – some work and others just don’t.

But little Beau Reformato could be the holder of an extraordinary gift. At only two years old, his gentle, calming voice immediately calms down his baby sister Ainsley.

Dubbed the baby whisperer by mom Kristen Reformato, Beau’s talent has now been shared on TikTok, causing thousands to like and comment on the post.

Reformato, of New Jersey, said this isn’t the first time her son acted as baby whisperer to her six-month-old daughter. But when she recently caught it on camera, she knew she had to share it, Good Morning America reported.

“My sister was like, ‘You have to put this on TikTok,’ so it was actually my first TikTok post,” said Reformato, adding that Ainsley was five months old when the video was taken.


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♬ original sound – Beau & Ainsley

“On TikTok we’re at 4.5 million [views] for that particular video. It’s crazy.”

The video shows Beau telling his sister “it’s okay, it’s okay” the minute she starts crying and immediately she calms down when he whispers “take a deep breath” as he also takes in a deep breath.

The video has proved so popular that parenting blogs and news outlets across the US shared it numerous times.


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