Famous dogs dominating on social media


By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article publishedOct 28, 2020

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While some may spend hours browsing social media for brunch pics, celebrity news and selfies, the animal-loving community can’t get enough of all the adorable dog content online.

Whether it’s heading to the popular video sharing app TikTok for the latest pet challenges or Instagram for magazine-worthy pictures, many famous pooches are emerging. Gaining quite the online following, the pet-fluencers have fans from across the world who seek out their social media profiles for their daily dose of cute.

Famous dogs dominating on social media:


Kairo Forbes with her new puppy, Kleo. Picture: Instagram.

Kleo, the fluffy Biro Yorkie, is supposedly the cutest in South Africa, at least her owner, Kairo Forbes, thinks so. At just four years old, the daughter of DJ Zinhle and AKA, Kairo has garnered enough popularity to trend on Twitter in SA on her birthday last year. She’s also amassed an Instagram following of more than 1 million and is verified with a highly coveted blue tick. It’s no surprise that her pooch has a growing following of 7000 too.


Hugo and Huxley striking a pose. Picture: Instagram.

Hugo and Huxley are a pair of quirky Golden Retrievers. From adventures in potty training to teaching her blond boys new tricks, their owner, Ursula, documents all their hilarious antics online, bringing her audience lots of laughs. Under every one of their Instagram and TikTok posts, the trio receive a flood of comments from adoring fans who say that the videos brighten their day.


Fergie and Griffin posing in their doggy attire. Picture: Instagram.

Based in Joburg, Italian Greyhounds, Fergie and Griffin, are the inspiration behind their owners clothing label – Fashion for Hounds. Although they are the same breed, the two slender-legged pups with long snouts could not be more different. Fergie is the wild child who enjoys showing off by learning new tricks and being the leader of the pack. Griffin is gentle and loving and will do anything to try to please you, even offering the occasional hug. Often seen sporting little jackets, tie-dye hoodies and anything else from their mom’s range, they’ve gained a reputation for being the most fashionable dogs in South Africa.


The B Hive. Picture: Instagram.

Birch (a Border Collie mix,) Bambi (an Alaskan Husky) and Bliss (a mini American Shepherd) are three beautiful dogs that have taken TikTok and Instagram by a storm with their playful antics. Their striking looks have made them popular among the online pet community where they take part in all the most popular challenges. The well-trained dogs have charmed their way into their followers’ hearts, resulting in a fandom of followers who go by the “B Hive”.


Huskies love water. Picture: Instagram.

This account is purely filled with funny dog videos courtesy of two Siberian Huskies named Phoenix and Griffin. Undoubtedly, one of the most striking dog breeds, they’re also super intelligent and seem to be able to communicate with their owner via yodels, barks and expressive looks.


Enjoying a day of frolicking in the waves. Picture: Instagram

Wildly Wired is the Instagram account for Hunter and Ella – two curious wire-haired dachshunds in Cape Town. If you follow their page, you’ll know just how full of fun, cuteness and adventure they are. From swims in the ocean to playing tug-o-war, there’s always something to look forward to when scrolling through their pictures.


Stylish Paws pooch posing with a bone. Picture: Instagram.

Stylish Paws is a simple online pet shop started by Stacy. Initially she sold only one product – LED collars. Since then, it has gradually grown to have a broader range of items including doggy beds, leashes and toys as well as a very informative blog loved by pet owners. Through the blog she’s discovered her love for photography, Oscar and Zara being the main subjects, of course. Her two pets are the star of her popular Instagram page where people from all across the globe enjoy interacting with her fur family.


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