’I have had hair transplant surgery. How stunning is it?’


By Bang Showbiz Time of article publishedOct 28, 2020

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The ‘Diamonds’ singer has said their hair is a “touchy” subject for them after having been insecure about their locks in the past, but has now openly admitted to undergoing a transplant procedure two years ago in order to improve the growth rate of hair on their head.

Sam said: “My hair … it’s been a touchy place for me. I haven’t actually spoken about this before, so I’m gonna speak about it because I don’t actually feel like I have anything to hide.

“I have had hair transplant surgery. How stunning is it?”

But the 28-year-old musician insisted that even without a hair transplant, they would embrace their looks, because they believe “bald is beautiful”.

Speaking in a video for Vogue magazine in which they ran through their beauty routine, they said: “It’s nice to have hair, but also if I was bald I would still own it, too. Because bald is beautiful.”

Sam previously spoke about suffering from hair loss in 2017, when they claimed their locks “started falling out from stress”.

At the time, they credited the drugs Rogaine and Propecia for helping regain some thickness, adding that people “need talk about hair loss” to combat stigma.

Elsewhere in the video for Vogue, Sam also discussed how makeup has become a key part of their journey as a non-binary performer, after announcing in September last year that they identify as genderqueer and use they/them pronouns.

They said: “It doesn’t matter what gender you are, makeup is a form of expression, and it feels nice. For me, makeup just became more of a way to express my gender.

“Last year, when I changed my pronouns and really spoke out about my gender expression and my gender fluidity, I started falling in love with makeup all over again.”


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