Lily Allen says women should be more open about masturbation


By Bang Showbiz Time of article publishedOct 29, 2020

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Lily Allen says women should be more open about masturbation.

The 35-year-old singer – who recently tied the knot with ‘Stranger Things’ actor David Harbour – has just launched her own sex toy called The Liberty and has encouraged women to speak freely about sexual pleasure.

Speaking on BBC’s Radio 1 ‘Newsbeat’, Lily said: “It’s still such a taboo subject but it’s something most people do. So why wouldn’t we talk about it with pride and without guilt?

“When a woman talks about masturbation, it’s always: ‘Well you’re clearly not getting sex from a male partner so you must be undesirable – or disappointed with your partner’s ability.’ It’s lazy, archaic and just not true.

“You can do it yourself and then enjoy it with your partner. It’s quite a co-dependent attitude to pleasure – that we have to rely on someone else – when we’re perfectly capable of doing it ourselves.

“If you’re hungry, you don’t wait until your partner gets home to have a slice of toast!”

Lily also that she was “objectified and a vessel for male pleasure” during sex when she was younger but she has now taken control of her sex life.

She said: “I felt very alone and not very well-versed in this subject. And then going into my 20s, it felt like it was something everybody else was doing but nobody talked about and I didn’t engage with it.

“I felt I was objectified and a vessel for male pleasure when it came to my sex in my adolescence. It wasn’t until I committed to masturbation, self love and ultimately sex toys that I considered my own needs. And I’m in a much healthier place now at the grand old age of 35. I wish I’d come to terms with it much sooner, it would’ve saved me a lot of headaches!”


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