Viral video of pet python having blanket removed from its stomach is still freaking us out


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedOct 30, 2020

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The joys of the internet is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Just when you thought a viral video has gone and died down, someone goes and reposts it again.

Like the story of the pet Burmese python that swallowed a blanket, only to have it removed by vets while under anaesthesia.

The original story first surfaced in February this year, and now it’s made a welcome return to the internet and gone viral once again, thanks to TikTok.

According to Newsweek, the 23.5kg pet python, known as Aurora, had accidentally ingested a blanket after feeding.

Its owner Jennifer Wessel said the seven-year-old snake may have mistaken the blanket for food.

“When she was eating her rabbit, she actually accidentally ate the blanket with the rabbit, because it more than likely just kind of smelt like her food,” Wessel told KSNV.

Wessel only realised what happened when she noticed Aurora’s body was unusually large and that her blanket was missing.

She then took the snake to the Las Vegas Veterinary Speciality Center where a team of vets performed an endoscopy to remove the blanket.

Unlucky for us, the entire procedure was recorded and shared on social media.

The team anaesthetized the snake before inserting a tube with a camera attached into Aurora’s mouth and down into her stomach.

“We were able to grab ahold of the blanket, and then we used slow steady pressure while all of our helpers were helping to push the blanket up as we were pulling,” one of the vets involved in the procedure, Nicole Smee, told FOX5.

“It was a huge relief, it was a big deal for our hospital.”

Watch the video below:


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