This newborn baby wins Halloween with her adorable costumes


By Thobile Mazibuko Time of article publishedNov 2, 2020

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New York mom Diana Arand and her newborn baby Jordan won Halloween 2020.

Arand, who is a glass artist, dressed her daughter in different celebrity looks for October to celebrate Halloween.

In an interview with Q13 Fox, Arand said she just wanted to have fun with her family.

“I just wanted to give family and friends something to possibly make them smile or even chuckle every day in October,” she told the publication.

During her nap time, Arand would dress up her daughter and take pictures of her in different stylish outfits to post on her social media, and below are our favourites.

Jordan as Billy Porter

Recently, Arand had baby Jordan channelling the award-winning actor, Billy Porter, who is known as the king of the red carpet. She first re-created the Grammy Awards 2020 looks, where Porter wore a custom Baja East blue crystal-encrusted ensemble.

Channelling Beyoncé

Baby Jordan hasn’t even turned one, but she already proves to be a member of the BeyHive(Beyoncé’s fans). Baby J recreated Beyoncé’s look where the singer was in a black velvet gown at the Grammy Awards 2018 red carpet.

Super Mario

To add a bit of playfulness to her costumes, Jordan dressed as a video game series character, Super Mario.

The Statue of Liberty

One of her costumes, she looked so adorable as the Statue of Liberty, one of the world-famous tourist attractions found in the city of New York.

Here’s more of our Halloween 2020 looks from baby Jordan


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