Glow up with these light ideas


By IOL Reporter Time of article publishedNov 3, 2020

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Illuminating your garden is important for security but it can also create a wonderful atmosphere.

Areas where you will be entertaining and relaxing with friends and family are the most rewarding spaces to light up.

Atmospheric lighting without too much light in the foreground works best for a chilled night out.

Paraffin lamps, candles and LED fairy lights are soft and gentle enhancers.

For safety, do include subtle footlights, especially if levels change in the ground, to avoid incidents and to illuminate any potentially hazardous areas.

Bamboo tiki torches or lanterns give off gentle light and can be used as an insect deterrent.

For security purposes, use spotlights and motion detectors which should be fitted at a good height and be directed over a broad area.

With load shedding still an issue, consider solar fixtures for your outdoor areas.

Solar bollards are useful along walkways and garden pathways or near stairs.

Solar lights on spikes and solar lanterns provide a portable light source and can be moved to where you need illumination.

Larger units have a panel which can be placed in a suitable position on the roof, with cables leading to the lamps it powers. Ensure that any tricky electrical installations are done by a qualified person.


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