Summer haircare tips to beat the heat


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedNov 3, 2020

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With summer approaching, haircare routines need to change to accommodate the heat and how to survive through it.

Below are a few tips on how to care for your natural hair and maintain it.

Hot and humid times

During this humid season, styling your hair should be easy if you use light products. These products will make your hair light and fluffy and reduce the build up of residue. An example of such a product is Vatika Afro Naturals Curl Defining Crème. The product can be mixed with hair lotion to achieve a good 2-in-1 approach that saves time.

Hot and wet days

There are many rainy days during summer, which tends to be an enemy for natural hair. Sometimes it also gets so hot that you may want to jump in the pool to cool off, but your hair makes you think twice about doing so. This is were essential oils come in handy as they work as a sealant that prevents wetness but traps moisture.

ORS Black castor oil does wonders. It is good for your hair and promotes growth and thickness. Coat your hair in oil, and the damage from the water will not be as detrimental as we expected it to be.

Rain and braids

Braids are easy to maintain, but they become problematic when they get rained on and are not dry or treated with the right spray. Long & Lasting braid and lock spray or ORS black castor braid spray is good for braids especially after you have dried them off or for maintenance. Remember, braids also need to be cleaned.

Hair wash

After experiencing all the changes in weather conditions your hair will need some support and care. Wash day is important, so shampoo with black soap is recommended.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to condition your hair.


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