Chris Hemsworth named world’s biggest celeb fitness inspiration


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedNov 4, 2020

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When it comes to working out, we often turn to those in the spotlight for inspiration, so PureGym has released research revealing the celebrities that inspire our fitness regimes the most.

Analysing search data for more than 500 celebrities, from a-list actors to sporting legends, the results reveal an eclectic mix of the celebs we’re looking to emulate when working out. The rise of social media and sharing workouts meaning that these routines are no longer a Hollywood secret.

The world’s biggest celebrity fitness inspiration

The biggest celebrity fitness inspiration was revealed to be Australian Hollywood actor, Chris Hemsworth with a massive 264 000 average yearly searches for his workout routines. Noted for his rippling muscles starring as the Marvel superhero Thor, Hemsworth sees more than double the number of searches as movie megastar The Rock.

In second place, is fellow actor and Marvel co-star Chris Evans, who transformed his physique for his leading role as Captain America following an intensive strength-based workout routine and high-protein diet.

The number one female celebrity fitness inspiration was found to be Hollywood actress Gal Gadot. Yet another superhero star to be featured on the list, Gadot went through six months of high-intensive training to prepare for her role as Wonder Woman, so it’s no surprise that she is such an inspiration to others looking to get fit.

Elsewhere, Lebron James was the number one sport star where global fitness inspo is concerned, with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Conor McGregor not even making the top 20. Meanwhile, Khloe Kardashian came in as the top-ranking Kardashian at 13th, thousands of searches ahead of her sisters Kendall (18th) and Kim (19th).

The top 20 celebrity fitness inspirations

Ranking Celebrity Yearly searches

1.Chris Hemsworth 264 000

2. Chris Evans 86 400

3. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson 76 800

4. Zac Efron 68 400

5.Chris Pratt 52 800

6.Tom Holland 45 600

7.Hugh Jackman 42 000

8.Gal Gadot 31 200

9.Ryan Reynolds 28 800

10.Joe Rogan 25 200

11.Jennifer Lopez 22 800

12.Beyonce 19 200

13. Khloe Kardashian 18 000

14.Lebron James18 000

15.Scarlett Johansson 16 800

16.Britney Spears15 600

17.Emily Ratajkowski 14 400

18.Kendall Jenner 14 400

19.Kim Kardashian 14 400

20.Tom Brady 13 200

Top 10 female fitness figureheads

Ranking Celebrity Yearly searches

1.Gal Gadot 31 200

2.Jennifer Lopez 22 800

3.Beyonce 19 200

4.Khloe Kardashian 18 000

5.Scarlett Johansson 16 800

6.Britney Spears 15 600

7. Emily Ratajkowski 14 400

8.Kendall Jenner 14 400

9.Kim Kardashian 14 400

10.Jen Selter 13 200

Top 10 male fitness figureheads

Ranking Celebrity Yearly searches

1.Chris Hemsworth 264 000

2.Chris Evans 86 400

3.Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson 76 800

4.Zac Effron 68 400

5.Chris Pratt 52 800

6.Tom Holland 45 600

7.Hugh Jackman 42 000

8.Ryan Reynolds 28 800

9.Joe Rogan 25 200

10. Lebron James 18 000


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