Southwest Airlines passengers forced to deplane after passenger refuses to wear mask


By Travel Reporter Time of article publishedNov 5, 2020

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A passenger refusing to wear a mask on a Southwest Airlines has caused a furore among other passengers.

According to, the lady on a Southwest flight in Nashville caused the staff to deplane the entire flight to remove the unruly passenger.

The passenger boarded the flight to Las Vegas in the morning and staff apparently told her to wear her mask.

She refused to wear her mask, prompting the pilot to return to the gate. As a result of one passenger not wearing a mask and refusing to leave the plane, and all passengers were asked to deplane as a result.

The plane was delayed by an hour.

The woman was refunded and not arrested.

In recent months, many travellers have defied orders to wear a mask, causing hours of delays and even attacks on other passengers and staff.

Last month, a Delta flight attendant was hit by a passenger for being told to wear a mask.The incident was captured on video.

Journalist Suzanne Kianpour posted the video on her Twitter.

She posted: “Been stuck on the tarmac in #Miami heading to #Atlanta as we continue on the #Elections2020 campaign trail. A passenger on this @Delta flight refuses policy to wear a mask. Then won’t get off the plane. Then hits flight attendant. Announcement that Miami Dade police on their way,” she posted. (sic)

American Airlines removed influencer Brandon Straka from his flight to Dallas in June after he refused to wear a mask on the plane. Straka called the experience “insane”.

Delta Air Lines also removed two passengers who refused to wear a mask. The Delta flight from Detroit to Atlanta returned to the gate where the non-mask wearing passengers disembarked.


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