The natural hair conversation continues at the meeting of crowns


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedNov 8, 2020

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Sithabile Kuuya , the founder of Her Hair Glory, a natural hair blog, recently hosted her first natural hair masterclass.

Titled A Meeting Of Crowns, the masterclass featured natural hair content creators, who exchanged information on how to care for natural hair.

Nonzuzo Mkhwanazi, Tshidi Radebe were the panellists as well as The Bantu Beauty, an online channel.

Kuuya stressed the importance of self-acceptance when embarking on a natural hair journey.

She said: “It is important to understand the uniqueness of your hair and not to have unrealistic expectations by comparing your hair to other people’s. Accepting your hair and loving it at every stage of the natural hair journey will help you set realistic goals and build a hair regimen perfectly suited to your hair’s specific needs.”

Mkhwanazi, a holistic natural hair care content creator and the founder of Nguni Botanicals, pointed out the importance of setting realistic hair goals and committing to a hair regimen. She shared her four building blocks for an all-rounded healthy hair regime:

1. Cleanse the hair and scalp as often as needed.

2. Moisturise and strengthen the hair to maintain the moisture-protein balance.

3. Nourish the hair with nutrient treatments like hot oils as often as needed.

4. Protect the hair. The entire regimen must serve to preserve the existing hair and protect incoming growth.

The Bantu Beauty, touched base on a re-evaluation of type 4 hair, which was previously excluded.

Radebe, a natural hair Youtuber, spoke about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as healthy hair also depended on healthy eating habits.

Her top four foods and liquids that one should take to maintain healthy hair include:

1.Water: maintains the circulatory system that feeds hair follicles which helps to stimulate hair growth while simultaneously eliminating toxins.

2. Oats provide the hair with plenty of protein, potassium, zinc and iron.

3. Carrots: The vitamins and minerals promote volume and thicken hair.

4. Yellow peppers: have five times the number of vitamins found in oranges. They are excellent for preventing hair breakage, strengthening the hair and enhancing hair growth.


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