South Africa’s first plant-based latte from Nescafé


By Lutho Pasiya, Buhle Mbonambi Time of article publishedNov 11, 2020

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Nestlé has recently launched its premium Nescafé Gold plant-based, non-dairy lattes in South Africa.

Crafted with plant-based ingredients, these lattes are for people following a vegan diet, those wishing to live a healthier, sustainable lifestyle and those who suffer from lactose intolerance.

There are three variants, each with its own discerning flavour. The vegan-friendly flavours are coconut latte, almond latte, and oat latte. The one-cup milk-alternative latte sachets are easy to prepare. You simply add hot water (preferably at 85 degrees), stir vigorously, and savour the sensory experience of coffee crafted with the best quality ingredients.

Nicole Roos, business executive officer: Coffee and Beverages at Nestlé South Africa, says that worldwide, there is growing consumer consciousness of health, wellness, and longevity which has inspired a move towards natural, plant-based products.

“Until now, there has been no one-cup soluble cappuccino treat for consumers who do not consume dairy products. With the new Nescafé Gold plant-based mixes range, we are the first food and beverage manufacturer in South Africa to introduce an offering that invites them to enjoy a premium, frothy cappuccino experience at home,” says Roos.

Below we review the new product.

Lutho Pasiya

I’m don’t just love coffee, I adore it. Especially when it comes to waking up in the morning – sometimes you need a fantastic cup of coffee to pick you up.

Sipping on these plant-based lattes this morning was a novel experience. Not because it’s something new in South Africa but because I had never had flavoured coffee before and I was super excited to try it. I am allergic to certain types of nuts so I decided to try the oats latte. I loved the smell of the coffee beans and how the coffee still had a smooth, creamy, and delicious taste even without the dairy. I got my house mate to try out the coconut latte and she enjoyed it too. She loved how rich it was and the way it tasted.

Buhle Mbonambi

I’m somewhat of a coffee snob. I know my Chemex from my French press, my syphon from my clover methods of brewing coffee. However, coffee is an expensive habit and so we make do with some good instant coffee. I was surprised when I received the vegan coffee pack because I have always assumed coffee was vegan. Turns out, not so. Yes, coffee is plant-based, but it also has to satisfy ethical requirements to qualify as vegan.

Anyway, I, like Lutho, tried the oats latte as I do not eat nuts and coconut. I was expecting boring, bland and basic. Instead, I got flavour, creaminess and natural sweetness. This worked perfectly for me as I rarely have milk anyway (or any dairy for that matter, thanks to lactose intolerance) and getting the creaminess from the oats was a welcome surprise. The taste is not overwhelming at all, so even those who don’t like milk substitutes will enjoy this.

The Nescafé Gold plant-based, non-dairy lattes are available at all leading retailers in South Africa.


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