How to style your moustache for Movember


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedNov 12, 2020

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Now that it’s Movember, many men will be styling their moustaches in the most fashionable, and crazy in support of the Movember Foundation – helping to fight male cancers and improve mental health.

To help your moustache look better, The Bluebeards Revenge has shared tips on how to take care of your beard.

Make your moustache the centre of attention

Movember is the perfect time to wave goodbye to your beloved beard, as when sporting a quirky moustache, you don’t want any distractions.

Start by trimming any unwanted hair down to a manageable length to avoid clogging your razor blade. Then slather on a generous layer of pre-shave oil and leave it to soak for a few minutes. It will soften the hairs and prepare them for your shave, as well as enhancing razor glide and preventing nasty nicks and cuts.

If you cannot trim your moustache, go to a barber. Picture: Supplied.

Trim your moustache

For the best looking moustache, a trim is all you need. But first, be sure of the look you’re going for as this will have a bearing on how short you want to go.

Once you’ve committed yourself to a length, dampen your moustache with a little water and run a moustache comb through it to remove tangles. Then, holding a pair of moustache scissors parallel to the ends of the hairs, trim your moustache to the desired shape. Make sure you leave a little extra length than desired as the hairs will appear shorter once dry.

When you’re satisfied with the length, shape the top and sides of your moustache as desired with a razor. A cut-throat razor is always a good option as it allows for a greater level of accuracy and is easier to wield when there’s limited space to work with. If you haven’t mastered a cut-throat razor yet, then visit the barbershop.

Create your style

Movember is all about individuality, so use a moustache wax that’s up to the challenge. Warm a small amount of a moustache wax between your fingertips. Then, apply to your facial fuzz and shape accordingly – try twisting the ends outwards and upwards to create a slick style.

Pro tip: Invest in beard oils too, as these will help to leave your moustache looking clean, shiny and smelling incredible.


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