Level up your child’s immune system with a balanced diet


By Brandstories Time of article publishedNov 13, 2020

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Research has shown that it is common for young children with a weakened immune system to pick up bugs and fall sick easily. This can range from minor to severe sicknesses which all require a strong immune system to fight off the virus. There are many ways that parents and caregivers can use to help improve their children’s immune system. Through a five-week campaign called Level Up Their Immunity, NESTLÉ NESPRAY wants to provide parents and caregivers with the necessary tools, knowledge, advice and tricks to raise healthier kids.

According to StatsSA one in four children in South Africa suffer from malnutrition which stifles their normal growth and this has severe effects on how they perform at school. Children who are malnourished go to school hungry which means they are not able to concentrate and have little energy to absorb what they are being taught. It is no surprise then that parents and caregivers are constantly anxious about whether their children are eating the right food with the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

NESTLÉ fully understands the nutritional needs for each stage of a child’s development and has designed a product range that satisfies the nutritional requirements of that stage. The NESTLÉ NESPRAY Fortigrow formula is packed with a combination of essential nutrients such as calcium, zinc and iron to support normal growth and a healthy immunity system to get school-age children physically and mentally ready for school.

“We are introducing the Level Up Their Immunity campaign to encourage parents and guardians to be more aware and cautious with their children’s diet as it plays a pivotal role in their development and growth with NESTLÉ NESPRAY being the trusted partner for ensuring children get the much needed nutrients and minerals. The next couple of weeks will be very informative as we embark on this exciting campaign” said Yovini Moodley, Business Executive Officer, Dairy, Nestlé South Africa

The Level Up Their Immunity educational campaign commences this week and runs until the 15th of December 2020, kicking off with week Level Up Through A Healthy Diet. The first week of the campaign focuses on creating awareness amongst parents and caregivers on the importance of child nutrition, emphasize the importance of investing in nutritious food for the little ones, and challenges parents and caregivers to start cooking nutritious meals together. This is also the key focus of Nestle’s Flagship Programme Nestlé For Healthier Kids, which endorses the NESTLÉ NESPRAY Level up campaign.


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