7 things sex workers want you to know about their profession


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedNov 17, 2020

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The sex industry has always been given a bad rap. And that’s probably because it’s a misunderstood profession that’s been stigmatised over the years.

So in an effort to dispel the misconceptions around sex work, Buzzfeed asked its community members who make a living in the sex industry to share what most people get wrong about their profession.

Below are some of their responses:

People think that we are all sex-crazed and horny all the time, even when we are on a legit date.

“We’re human and aren’t always in the ‘mood’, regardless of what our job entails. Sometimes, I just want to eat ice cream and watch Grey’s Anatomy, so please don’t assume I want to f*&k non-stop because I’m a sex worker.” – kkhighjinx

Just had a guy customer last night tell me, ‘Being a stripper is easy.’ It’s not. It’s so hard and painful for your body and your mind

“Right now, the worst mindset customers have is thinking that they don’t need to tip you because ‘you make a lot any ways since you’re a stripper.’ After dancing all night – either in VIP sections or on stage – your body hurts all over, especially your joints, knees, back, and thighs. Everything you see on YouTube is a fantasy experience. Don’t let them fool you, it’s not like Atlanta or Texas in every club.” – j45d7514fa

One common misconception is that a lot of people think sex workers like OnlyFans

“It is a very controversial topic in our community, especially for those who were doing sex work before OnlyFans and the pandemic.” – andiepanda1999

We are NOT products, and just because you pay doesn’t mean that we don’t have boundaries

“There’s a misconception that we don’t deserve basic human respect and that anyone can do whatever they want with us. We are NOT products, and just because you pay doesn’t mean that we don’t have boundaries.” – zombiedolllizkah

People assume that people get into the business of being a sex worker because they don’t have money

“It’s untrue and low-key rude and unnecessary.” – Anonymous, 23, Las Vegas

One thing that men specifically ALWAYS get wrong is thinking that I will give them a discount or freebie just because they’re ‘good-looking’

“I’m absolutely not giving you a discount just cause you think you’re ‘so hot.’ Honestly, I probably won’t even consider seeing you just because you asked me that.” – silholmonicaa92

Not all sex work involves having actual sex

“Strippers, content creators, and professional dommes are all considered sex workers, but we will never have sex with our clients. So please be mindful of that, and don’t make assumptions or inappropriate solicitations. It’s very disrespectful.” – bdrgheskhj


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