From sliced ham to armpit BO, men describe what vagina tastes likes


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedNov 19, 2020

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“Hey honey, what does my vagina taste like?” It’s not a question you’d bring up with your partner while discussing what to have for supper.

Actually, it’s not a question that’s typically asked, unless that sort of thing forms part of your sex repertoire.

So when members of online platform shared their thoughts on the topic, the website curated a list of their best and funniest answers.

Below are some of the craziest answers we could find.

Like sliced ham on Thanksgiving

“I mean, exactly like ham on Thanksgiving. It’s almost like she steals a slice of ham every Thanksgiving and tucks it upside down inside her just to maintain the taste”.

Armpit BO

“On a bad day, it’s like a third armpit.”

Alkaline taste of a battery

“A 9V battery. I’m serious. Not quite as shocking.”

Like the sea

“It smells like the sea or like a fresh clam. It can taste bitter and sometimes like nothing at all.”


“Fishy if she hasn’t washed. Wet and slightly metallic if she has.”

If anything, these comments are enough to make any woman feel even more self-conscious about her intimate area.

But, thankfully, it’s only natural for your vagina to have a certain smell and taste.

Vaginal odour is the smell that your vagina – and usually your discharge – gives off. A certain amount of vaginal odour is normal, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG).

When you should worry is when your natural vaginal scent goes awry.

Smells your vagina shouldn’t have include smelling like copper or metal, fermented foods or fish.

In such a case, you should consult your GP or specialist.


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