Woman treats herself to luxury NYC hotel stay, but the internet is curious about who took her pictures


By Clinton Moodley Time of article publishedNov 26, 2020

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A traveller has used her latest solo travel trip to encourage woman to treat themselves to romantic moments without being in a relationship.

But, some social media users wanted to know who took her images.

Esther Lauren treated herself to an indulgent solo weekend at a New York hotel. The New Yorker shared some stunning images of her in red lingerie, sipping on wine with the view of New York behind her, which has inspired many travellers to go on solo getaways themselves.

In a tweet with the images, Lauren posted the caption: “Booked myself a hotel room for the weekend, bought myself sunflowers, drank my favorite wine, ate lobster and binge watched Christmas movies. “My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude” (sic)

Lauren booked the staycation at the Arlo Nomad, a 4-star hotel located north of Madison Square Park and just a short walk from the Empire State Building.

After her post, some tweeps were curious as to who captured her images if she stayed at the hotel alone.

One user @djsuitandtie commented: “Who took those pictures then?” (sic)

Another @kelvin_osas1 responded : “Was about to ask same question” (sic)

Another commented: “These “successful” females don’t like that question bro, mostly it’s a male waiter or taxi driver” (sic)

Lauren later revealed that she used a tripod and self-timer to get the perfect shots.

She commented: “I brought my tripod with me” (sic)

Lauren explained that one of the reasons she took the solo trip was to encourage women to treat themselves to experiences without needing to be in a relationship.

She posted a series of tweets explaining the situation: “I want women to emancipate themselves from the idea that special moments are reserved for romance and partnership. You can give yourself just about anything someone else can give you. Obviously the experience is different but when you love yourself the enjoyment is just the same.

“I want givers to pour into themselves. I’m tired of watching people over give and receive nothing in return. When you invest yourself reciprocity is guaranteed.

“To know me is to know I LOVE romance. The flowers, the dim lighting, the views, the intimacy, the shared experiences. But you can not wait around for someone to give you the world. That’s just not realistic. You will waste years of your life.

“Invest in yourself and solid friendships and let love come on it’s own,” she shared. (sic)

Many users were encouraged by her trip and revealed that they were going to book solo getaways.


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