4 ways to boost your energy naturally with breakfast


By Nneka Jonas Time of article publishedNov 27, 2020

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We have probably heard our entire lives that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

It turns out that it is not just something your parents told you to do because they wanted you to eat your breakfast before you go to school.

As we sleep, our body is hard at work digesting all yesterday’s dinner and by the time we wake up, our body and brain are demanding fresh fuel.

“Breaking the fast” is a vital key to power up your morning. Do it right and the benefits will last you all day.

Try these four tips to create your own energy-boosting breakfast:

Choose whole grains

High in fibre, whole-grain cereals, and also bread may help keep your blood sugar on an even keel and avoidable mid-morning energy crash. As there are many different types of cereal on the market, bran cereal, bran flakes, and steel-cut oatmeal are typically the healthiest bets.

In order for you to choose the healthiest breakfast cereal, read the label, and just look for:

  • Less than 5g of sugar per serving.
  • Whole grain as your first item on your ingredient list.
  • Per serving have 5g or more fibre.
  • Less than 300mg of sodium per serving.
  • Protein to be included.

Yoghurt is a very good choice; Greek yoghurt has got more protein than regular yoghurt. Eggs are also okay for healthy people. However, although yolks are high in cholesterol they have proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients. You can also include foods that have healthy fats such as those in salmon or nuts.

Eat-in, not out

You can still enjoy a healthful breakfast if you stick to oatmeal. However, much of the traditional fare can start your day with loads of refined carbohydrates and saturated fat. Just like most processed food, the breakfast offerings from fast-food chains can tend to be high-sodium, low-fibre disasters.

Blend up some breakfast smoothies

Combine juice, fruit, wheat germ, yoghurt, and other ingredients. Toss them in a blender with a bit of ice and guess what? you will have a refreshing, high energy breakfast.


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