UK presenter Giovanna Fletcher admits to having a ’girl crush’ on Duchess Catherine


By Bang Showbiz Time of article publishedDec 1, 2020

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Giovanna Fletcher has a “girl crush” on Duchess Catherine.

The presenter and author interviewed the Duchess of Cambridge for her ‘Happy Mum, Happy Baby’ podcast and she quipped that after they met, she “fell in love” with the royal.

She said: “I would call her Kate Middleton before but they all call her Katherine or The Duchess. So now, I’m kinda like ‘the Duchess, or Katherine’ … I might have fallen in love. Girl crush.”

And Giovanna admits the interview was a “complete career high”.

Speaking in the Telegraph on I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here, she added: “What a complete career high, just two mums nattering away but in true mum fashion by the end we were drinking cold tea.”

Meanwhile, Giovanna previously revealed that Duchess Catherine was “as nervous as she was” when they met up to record her podcast on motherhood and the London Early Years Foundation.

She said: “Needless to say I had a few sleepless nights of worry and panic in the run-up. I always say that we need to look at what unites us in parenting, that it doesn’t matter who you are, what you have or what you do – we’re all facing many of the same battles with our kids. Yet, the fact she is raising a future King obviously wasn’t lost on me. In fact, it was only when I started thinking about the questions I would ask in the episode that I started to regain a sense of control. Outside all the fluff and noise, this was ultimately a conversation between two mothers.

“Well, I thought to myself, I can do that! We recorded the episode in a nursery in Stockwell, south London, in January, following a royal engagement together, where we chatted to staff and parents before dishing out breakfast to some of the children. Kids are always a fab ice breaker, and it’s thanks to them that the duchess and I were having a giggle as we walked into the recording – particularly as one little girl had renamed us Daddy and Mummy Pig. And it turned out Kate was as nervous as I was.”


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