6 tips on how you can stop your hair from thinning


By Nneka Jonas Time of article publishedDec 4, 2020

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Do you feel like your hair is not as thick as it once was?

There could be a simple reason for this. Try these tips in order to get your hair back to its original health.

1. Eat more protein

Yes, eat that fish and meat as there is so much protein-packed into them and they are great for hair.

2. Loosen up

If you are constantly pulling your hair into a ponytail, then you need to stop. The same goes for wearing extensions and excessive blow-drying, as all this puts a strain on your hair follicles.

In some cases, this could even lead to traction alopecia. Rather opt for loose hairstyles and also give your hair a break from heat styling.

3. Listen to your body

One of the common signs of a thyroid condition is thinning hair, particularly hypothyroidism which can often be seen in post-menopausal women.

Other symptoms may also include dry skin, weight gain and tiredness. if you suffer from any of these then seek advice from a doctor.

4. Look after your scalp

A healthy scalp means healthy hair. Search for products that help tone your scalp.

5. Do not skip conditioner

Not using a conditioner can lead to dehydrated hair which can become brittle and end up damaged.

6. Live healthily

Your hair is a reflection of your health, meaning if you skip exercise, eat a lot of junk food or you are overdoing it on booze, it will show in your hair.

A healthy lifestyle can naturally make your hair look healthy and strong.


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