Survey reveals 2020’s most festive baby names, and yes, Karen made the list


By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedDec 7, 2020

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2020 will forever go down in history as the year the world went into lockdown as a global pandemic dictated our everyday lives, when the US started the Black Lives Matter movement and Karen made it on to the festive baby names list.

The name, which is currently synonymous with white privilege and entitlement, has made it on to a survey conducted by online marketplace OnBuy.

The company wanted to find out the most popular festive-themed baby names of 2020.

After trawling through thousands of festive baby names for boys and girls, and surveying 5 675 parents and parents-to-be, they revealed the top 100 choices for new parents.

Some of the interesting findings they discovered included:

  • The most festive baby girl name is Mary with 11 303 734 babies worldwide having this name
  • Amaryllis is the least festive baby girl name with only 1 275 babies having this name
  • David is the most festive baby boy name with nearly 13 500 000 babies worldwide with this moniker
  • Like Santa’s reindeer, Comet is the least common baby boy name, belonging to just 254 boys worldwide

So where does Karen rank?

The name Karen came in at third place. With the meaning “pure”, it has taken on a slew of memes in the light of BLM.

According to Wikipedia, “Karen is a pejorative term for someone as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is appropriate or necessary.”

Surprisingly, this name was given to approximately 3 049 118 baby girls and is the 151st most popular name worldwide.


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