10 ways to spoil your pet this festive season


By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article publishedDec 2, 2020

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From a fresh trim at the parlour to a comfy new bed, there are so many exciting ways to spoil the fur-babies in your life with some festive cheer.

10 ways to spoil your pet this festive season:

1. A holiday feast

Dine out at a pet-friendly restaurant and treat your pooch to something off of their dedicated menu of canine cuisine. Across the country, there are a number of eateries – from cafes to creameries and bakeries – that have a special menu dedicated to pets. From pupcakes to puppuccinos and much more, your furry friend will love digging into all the drool-worthy dishes.

2. Grooming

Taking your pet to the groomers for a good scrubbing, a haircut and nail trim is the equivalent of going to the spa for pets. Professional groomers will be able to decide whether your breed of dog needs a shave for the hotter summer months to allow them to cool down and have more energy.

3. Dog park

If there’s nothing your pet loves more than socialising with other dogs, then a trip to the dog park may be in order. These parks provide wide open spaces for your pooch to frolic freely, play fetch and fool around with the other dogs.

4. Christmas dinner

Your pet may be quite content with dry pellets and the canned, prepackaged food from the store, but there’s nothing quite like a home-made meal. There are a ton of vet-approved, pet-friendly meals available online. Have fun whipping up a gourmet meal for your pooch and enjoy basking in their excitement of wolfing it down in seconds.

5. Walks

Dogs have a lot of energy to burn and one of the best ways to keep them healthy and happy is to ensure they have enough exercise. Walks are perfect for this, allowing them to explore their neighbourhood safely and become well socialised.

6. Play date

Whether you organise a hangout with a friend or through a doggy playdate group, your pooch will love having another dog around during the holidays. Much like humans enjoy interaction of others, so does your pet. Pack a bag of their favourite snacks, toys and a leash to prepare for a day of fun with furry friends.

7. New bed

From the jumping, pawing and countless number of naps, your pet’s bed may not be in the best condition. There’s no doubt that their bed is one of their favourite spots in your home, and one where they spend most of their time, so why not make it a little more special with a new bed? Clean with fresh stuffing and the perfect size, it’ll soon become their favourite thing.

8. Their favourite activity

Treat them to an afternoon of doing their favourite activity. Whether it’s a day of digging up beach sand and splashing in the waves or simply tagging along for car rides while you run a few errands, there’s nothing your pet loves more than spending time with you.

9. Vitamins

A healthy pet is a happy pet. From a shiny fur coat to strong teeth and bones, ensuring your pet is getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals is important for their health. A supplement may be the perfect thing if your dog or cat lacks the energy or liveliness they normally would have.

10. Advent calendar

The holiday festivities can be enjoyed by your pets too. You can shop around online for an advent calendar that counts down to Christmas for your pet that’s filled with treats and toys, or you can make your own version with just a little bit of DIY skill.

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