Afia Schwarzenegger Replies Those Saying Patapaa Did Not Pay Bride Price For His German Wife


Typical of Afia Schwarzenegger whose venomous canines are always on the lookout to tear anyone into pieces, the outspoken celeb has recorded a new video to diss the overly inquisitive Ghanaians asking to whom Patappa paid his German’s wife bride price.

In a video he posted online, Afia Schwar asked all those making noises about this to keep mute since it has nothing to with their own lives. Afia who looks very high on some weed imported from Wuhan used offensive words to blast the inquisitive Ghanaians to mind their own business.

The discourse was wheeled around Patapaa’s new wife, Liha Miller as netizens sought to find out who took her bride price in consonance with the tradition of Ghanaians during marriage ceremonies.



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