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By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article publishedJan 4, 2021

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There’s a big focus on food during the festive season. And it does make sense. Food is the main thing about family gatherings and celebrations. But there’s another aspect that’s just as important – what to drink.

Everyone has their go-to beverage. From soda and juices to brown liquor and wines, this is a time we consume more beverages than any other.

But as the year ends – and things being different, thanks to the pandemic and global beverage trends – there are some changes we have had to make.

Take the health juice and shots sector. It is steadily growing with many brands and retailers making sure that they have positioned themselves to win big as more consumers look to juice shots for getting their vitamins and minerals, and making sure that they are building up their immune systems.

Then there’s the canned wine and pre-mixed sector, which is another that is growing impressively, mainly thanks to how portable these beverages are.

Even water is upping its scale. And by water I am talking about alkaline water brands that are increasingly angling for better market share and making sure that people gravitate towards their brands.

The drinks scene is not the same as it was a mere three years ago. The innovations are streaming in faster than Bonang launches a new variant of her MCC range.

So here are some of the beverages we are enjoying this summer

Chateau Del Rei Sweet Red Bubbly

Chateau Del Rei Sweet Red. Picture: Supplied

They were the first winery to enter the canned wine scene in South Africa in 2018 and they have gone on to launch more flavours. Their recent wine is a sweet red bubbly that has notes of fruity aromas of ripened plum, strawberry and blackcurrant. It is perfect for when you need a light, celebratory drink that you can easily pack for a picnic with your family.

Premixed Canned Cocktails

While we are on canned beverages, Fitch & Leedes and Roses have launched their premixed cocktails and we love that this is specially targeted to those who don’t consume alcohol.

For the longest time teetotallers and those who are sober curious, haven’t been afforded variety in the beverages available to them. Well, the tide had turned and brands are realising they are missing a huge consumer base that is tired of drinking juice and soda. Enter the premix canned cocktail.

Fitch & Leedes have released an impressive range that has Classics and Moments, with each range having four different flavours.

The Classic range features Ginger Beer; Passionade, which is a modern twist on passion fruit and lemonade; Lime Twist, a refreshing take on lime and soda; and of course, Rock Shandy.

The Moments range is for when you want to be a bit fancy and are making sure that just because you don’t drink alcohol, that your beverage isn’t boring. The vintage-themed mocktails include Blushing Mimosa, Shirley Temple, Pink G&T and Island Fish Bowl.

Roses, which has been producing it’s popular range of cordials, has also jumped on to the bandwagon, releasing a number of their popular cocktails – Passion Fruit and Lemonade, Cola Tonic and Lemonade, and Lime and Lemonade.

Juice Shots with Sir

Sir Fruit has realised just how popular juice shots were during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now that we are in the second wave and frantic about our health, and looking for quick fixes, I suggest you try their new beverage, the Gingerade. It’s a ginger, apple and lemon juice, but it is undeniably all about the ginger.

The kick is there and is felt almost immediately as it goes down your throat. I have personally added it to my shopping list. It’s healthy, delicious and refreshing. Plus it helps me keep my taste buds in check. The combination of lemon and ginger has traditionally been used to soothe the digestive system, settle the stomach and relieve nausea with immune boosting support.

Starbucks At Home

It’s not just about the cold beverages. There are times where we need our coffee fix, so why not drink something that will give you a holiday buzz? Take the Toffee Nut Latte’s from Nescafé’s Starbucks At Home range. They are perfect for those moments when the sun refuses to come and play and you snuggle in your throw and catch up on some good TV.


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