Blind parents praise pregnancy test with raised bumps


By Bang Showbiz Time of article publishedJan 6, 2021

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By BANG ShowBiz Tech

A pregnancy test which uses raised bumps to reveal the result has been praised by those with sight loss.

Designer Josh Wasserman created the clever device, which gives a positive or negative test, to help pregnant women or their partners discover if they are to become parents through the medium of touch rather than rely on someone else having to read the result for them.

Wasserman said: “It’s really important to understand how design can be used to raise awareness of an issue and demonstrate what is possible to create positive change within an industry. Industries, particularly the consumer healthcare industry can be slow moving so we might not necessarily see this product on shelves for a number of years. But our research demonstrates what can be done and to empower others to also pick up a pen and pencil and start designing products for themselves.”

And one pregnant woman praised the new device, admitting the existing way is very “intrusive”.

Danielle Clearly, who is blind, as is her partner, said: “It’s very intrusive, it’s very embarrassing to have to present someone with something you’ve just peed on and ask, ‘Can you read this for me?’ Whether you’re trying or you’re not trying to have a baby, you then just know that person is thinking, ‘Oh, she’s doing that’ — and I don’t want everyone to know everything about me and my life.

“Then nine times out of ten you’ve got someone else’s opinion to deal with. And actually it’s no one else’s business. I don’t think you realise until your autonomy is taken away, what a luxury it is.”


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