Jammu and Kashmir provide free accommodation to tourists stranded due to flight cancellations


By Travel Reporter Time of article publishedJan 8, 2021

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By ANI reporter

Srinagar – The Jammu and Kashmir tourism department has provided free accommodation to tourists stranded due to the cancellation of flights after heavy snowfall.

“Our flights got cancelled and the tourism department provided us with rooms to stay in. Facilities are good and there is no problem of resources.

“We are enjoying our extended trip. The officials have assured us that they will help us if we face any kind of difficulty. Kashmir is different from what we used to hear in the news. It is a good experience,” Meenakshi, a tourist, said.

The winter season attracts a large number of tourists from different parts of the country. They visit a number of tourist destinations including Gulmarg and Pahalgam.

The valley has received heavy snowfall after a long time. People visit the valley to enjoy snowfall, but the same has led to the suspension of air traffic. The national highway also remained closed due to the landslides.

“Due to heavy snowfall, our air traffic and highways got disconnected. But the Department of Tourism took a decision on a humanitarian basis to assist the stranded tourists. We arranged accommodation for them and also food at nominal charges. We will continue this service until and unless the air flights resume,” said Mudasir, Tourist Officer in Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department.

The Department of Tourism has geared up to provide best facilities to the tourists who came to visit the valley despite the Covid-19 pandemic. They have been accommodated in hotels and guest houses.

A large number of tourists are staying at Yemberzal guest house at Tourist Reception Centre (TRC) belonging to the department of tourism and Heemal hotel on the banks of Dal lake which belongs to the Jammu and Kashmir Tourist Development Corporation.

Kashmir is famous across the world not only for its natural beauty but also for the hospitality. The tourism department and locals have shown their will to help out the tourists in the bad weather conditions.


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